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We Specialize in Windows NT, 2000 and XP Networks

For all your Windows network needs.

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Windows Networks


From Connectivity to Downsizing, We Can Help

bulletWe specialize in small to medium-sized networks.
bulletWindows XP
bulletWindows 2000
bulletWindows NT
bulletWindows 98 or 95
bulletOr any combination of the above.
bulletReal networks, that will serve you now and into the future.
bulletWe can support your existing network.
bulletWe can set up a new network, if that's what you need.
bulletIf you are downsizing, we can help.

Here's what a local manufacturing firm has to say: 
"When we found Glaser & Associates, we found our network experts.  In the past, we had a few computers setup in a simple network. We could share files and printers, but it never worked very well.  They helped us put all our files into one place on our server so we can easily backup our information and printing anywhere is a breeze. Most importantly, they setup security for computer access and access to accounting and human resource files. Now we have peace of mind that we have a secure, well-run network."

  Glaser & Associates Computer Services - Networks

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