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Over 15 Years Experience in Computerized Accounting.

We offer many options to get the perfect fit for your business. From tracking inventory to workflow, our experience with accounting, computers and business will give you the edge in your industry.

The #1 Use for Business Computers

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More Than One Option To Get You The 
Perfect Fit

bulletWe offer custom or packaged options.
bulletWe offer BusinessWorks from Sage.
bulletA great small to medium sized business 
bulletFull featured and affordably priced.
bulletWe offer QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro.

bulletWe can analyze your needs.
bulletWe can write whatever you need.

We can assist and train you.


We can help you set it up, so you get it right.


We offer as much, or as little assistance as 
you require.

We won't replace your accountant, we will enhance your relationship with 
your accountant. You will be able to generate all kinds of reports, like you've 
always dreamed, to help you run your business better and more profitably.


Here's what a local manufacturing firm had to say about their experience with 
Glaser & Associates. 

"As a manufacturing business, we had been struggling with the creation of a 
computerized accounting system.  We had tried several programs, but just 
could not make it all work together.  Glaser & Associates was able to provide 
us with an integrated solution, made just for our specific business.  They also 
made it work with our Office software, which makes work easier for all of 
our users."

  Glaser & Associates Computer Services - Accounting

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