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We Sell Hardware, Peripherals, Software, and More...

Office Essentials



We have all the Peripherals you need!

bulletPower and static protection for your computer:
bulletHard to find Static Mats
bulletSave your computer from the zap that can damage it.
bulletPut one under your printer, especially if you are on a network.
bulletPrinter Toners and Cartridges
bulletThe list could go on and on...
bulletExcellent computers at excellent prices! Computers
bulletWe can provide a recommendation, if you need one.
bulletAll the latest software packages. Software
bulletWe sell Forms, office furniture, and office organizers. Office Essentials
bulletGSA items are available, email your list to: Sales
bulletWe have many sources for your hard to find items.
bulletWe will be there after the sale if you need assistance.


Here's what a medium-sized manufacturing firm has to say about their experience with Glaser & Associates. "Glaser & Associates delivers the best value for the price.  We tried the cheap way, but never got any real results, and it wasted a lot of money and time. " To read more: Clients


Helping you with the total picture is what full service consulting is all about. We lay out all the items you need up front, so you will know what is required for a positive computing experience. This way you won't be spending all of your money on just the computer, and find out later that you also need software and power protection, and your budget is used up. Consulting




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