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We Will Custom Configure a Computer for You!

Excellent Computers at Excellent Prices. Businesses need computers that are reliable. When your computers are down, so is your business. We will make sure you get the right computers so that you experience the least amount of problems.

Workstations, Servers, Home Users

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Office Essentials

You Get The Computer That's Right For You.

bulletYou won't have to worry about buying too much or too little computer.
bullet3 Year On-Site Warranties available.
bulletLeasing available for businesses.
bulletYou need a computer that will be viable for at least 3 years, not obsolete right after you buy it.
bulletWe can configure your network, go to our Networks link if that's what you need.
Here's a quote from a satisfied customer:
"Our business had purchased computers from several other sources before a friend told me to try Glaser & Associates. They said they had been using them and thought we would have a better experience if we did the same.  Boy, were they right!  They designed a system just for us. They made sure everything was transferred and setup.  Now everything runs without any of the unexplained and annoying lockups that we had experienced with virtually all of our other computers in the past." 


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