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Hire Glaser & Associates, and join the ranks of satisfied customers.

The following is a sampling of the different types of clients we continue to serve:
In this "Just In Time" world, being competitive depends on how you utilize technology. For years, we have specialized in assisting Manufacturers to be ahead, and stay ahead, of their competition in all aspects of their business.


Real Estate
Appraisers, Property Management, Mortgage Brokers, and all types of Contractors, we help you to make success a reality in the Real Estate and related professions.
Federal, State & Local Government Agencies
Glaser & Associates is an "Iowa Targeted Small Business" and  "Woman-Owned", offering unique and hard to find services to assist you with your special needs.

From Power Users, to Hobbyists, to Retired Investors, we make your computing endeavors pleasurable and pain-free.

Retail, Restaurants, Health Care
The list goes on and on. Give us a call today so we can start getting you the competitive edge through technology.

Here are some quotes from some of our current clients:

"As our business grew, they helped us go from one DOS computer system to a complete Windows Network so all of our people can work together." - a local dental office.  

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"Since Glaser & Associates charges by the hour, not the job, it helps us manage our schedule and budget easily, with no long-term or large dollar commitments.  We were able to try them out on a small project, and now we use them for all our computer work."  - a large real estate developer..

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"Glaser & Associates made it very easy to work with them from a distance.  We had to look outside our area to find the skilled professionals we needed, but the communication was great, and the program they provided was exactly what we had specified." - Government Contractor

  Glaser & Associates Computer Services - Clients include Manufacturing, Retail, Health Care, Real Estate, Government, Organizations, & More

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Glaser & Associates Computer Services

Giving You the Competitive Edge Through Technology
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